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TitoloEnrichment of low-frequency functional variants revealed by whole-genome sequencing of multiple isolated European populations.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsXue, Y, Mezzavilla, M, Haber, M, McCarthy, S, Chen, Y, Narasimhan, V, Gilly, A, Ayub, Q, Colonna, V, Southam, L, Finan, C, Massaia, A, Chheda, H, Palta, P, Ritchie, G, Asimit, J, Dedoussis, G, Gasparini, P, Palotie, A, Ripatti, S, Soranzo, N, Toniolo, D, Wilson, JF, Durbin, R, Tyler-Smith, C, Zeggini, E
PubMed ID28643794
PubMed Central IDPMC5490002
Grant List / / Wellcome Trust / United Kingdom

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