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Decreto n. 120 d.d. 29/12/2016 (sost. Decreto n. 66 d.d. 14/06/2013); D. 32 d.d. 03/03/2017; D. 65 d.d. 30/05/2018
Prof. Paolo Gasparini, MD, specialist in Haematology and in Medical Genetics. Professor of Medical Genetics at the University of Trieste, Head of Medical Genetics Service and Head of the Department for Advanced Diagnostics at IRCCS Mother Child Hospital Burlo Garofolo, in Trieste. He has a long-standing experience in studying genetic basis of inherited diseases as well as genetics risk factors for complex qualitative and quantitative traits. He is author of more than 400 original papers published in peer-reviewed journal and currently his H-index is 89 (Google Scholar). Current topics of research include 1) the study of the genetic bases of senses (i.e. hearing loss, taste, smell, food preferences, etc.) and their implication on health status, 2) genomic studies in population cohorts, 3) sensory decay in the aging population Ongoing research grants: •PRIN – MIUR, Project SENSAGING (UniTS) •Genetica degli organi di senso (IRCCS-Burlo Garofolo, 5x mille) •Ministry of Health, Rete Idea Genomica(IRCCS-Burlo Garofolo) •Res RIC (UniTS)

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