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Vuch J, Marcuzzi A, Zanin V, Crovella S. Comments to the editor concerning the paper entitled "Preclinical renal cancer chemopreventive efficacy of geraniol by modulation of multiple molecular pathways" Shiekh Tanveer Ahmad et al. Toxicology 2012;293(1-3):123-4.
Zanin V, Marcuzzi A, Piscianz E, Vuch J, Bianco AMonica, Monasta L, Decorti G, Crovella S. The effect of clodronate on a mevalonate kinase deficiency cellular model. Inflamm Res 2012;61(12):1363-7.
De Pieri C, Vuch J, Athanasakis E, Severini GMaria, Crovella S, Bianco AMonica, Tommasini A. F402L variant in NLRP12 in subjects with undiagnosed periodic fevers and in healthy controls. Clin Exp Rheumatol 2014;32(6):993-4.
Pastore S, Vuch J, Bianco AMonica, Taddio A, Tommasini A. Fever tree revisited: From malaria to autoinflammatory diseases. World J Clin Pediatr 2015;4(4):106-12.
Girardelli M, Basaldella F, Paolera SDella, Vuch J, Tommasini A, Martelossi S, Crovella S, Bianco AMonica. Genetic profile of patients with early onset inflammatory bowel disease. Gene 2018;645:18-29.
De Pieri C, Vuch J, De Martino E, Bianco AM, Ronfani L, Athanasakis E, Bortot B, Crovella S, Taddio A, Severini GM, Tommasini A. Genetic profiling of autoinflammatory disorders in patients with periodic fever: a prospective study. Pediatr Rheumatol Online J 2015;13:11.
Marcuzzi A, Zanin V, Vuch J, Pontillo A, Crovella S. Letter to the editor: acute effects of intravenous administration of pamidronate in patients with osteoporosis. J Korean Med Sci 2011;26(6):848-9; author reply 850.
Marcuzzi A, Zanin V, Piscianz E, Tricarico PMaura, Vuch J, Girardelli M, Monasta L, Bianco AMonica, Crovella S. Lovastatin-induced apoptosis is modulated by geranylgeraniol in a neuroblastoma cell line. Int J Dev Neurosci 2012;30(6):451-6.
Girardelli M, Vuch J, Tommasini A, Crovella S, Bianco AMonica. Novel missense mutation in the NOD2 gene in a patient with early onset ulcerative colitis: causal or chance association?. Int J Mol Sci 2014;15(3):3834-41.
Marcuzzi A, Vozzi D, Girardelli M, Tricarico PMaura, Knowles A, Crovella S, Vuch J, Tommasini A, Piscianz E, Bianco AMonica. Putative modifier genes in mevalonate kinase deficiency. Mol Med Rep 2016;13(4):3181-9.

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