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Journal Article
Campisciano G, Zanotta N, Licastro D, De Seta F, Comar M. In vivo microbiome and associated immune markers: New insights into the pathogenesis of vaginal dysbiosis. Sci Rep 2018;8(1):2307.
Comar M, Zanotta N, Bonotti A, Tognon M, Negro C, Cristaudo A, Bovenzi M. Increased levels of C-C chemokine RANTES in asbestos exposed workers and in malignant mesothelioma patients from an hyperendemic area. PLoS One 2014;9(8):e104848.
Maritati M, Comar M, Zanotta N, Seraceni S, Trentini A, Corazza F, Vesce F, Contini C. Influence of vaginal lactoferrin administration on amniotic fluid cytokines and its role against inflammatory complications of pregnancy. J Inflamm (Lond) 2017;14:5.
Comar M, Zanotta N, Bovenzi M, Campello C. JCV/BKV and SV40 viral load in lymphoid tissues of young immunocompetent children from an area of north-east Italy. J Med Virol 2010;82(7):1236-40.
Comar M, Zanotta N, Del Savio R, Vascotto F, Calabrese N, Zorat F, Pozzato G. No evidence of Polyomavirus and EBV infections in Italian patients with mixed cryoglobulinemia infected chronically with HCV. J Med Virol 2014;86(4):666-71.
Comar M, Zanotta N, Rossi T, Pelos G, D'Agaro P. Secondary lymphoid tissue as an important site for WU polyomavirus infection in immunocompetent children. J Med Virol 2011;83(8):1446-50.
Sukowati CHC, Patti R, Pascut D, Ladju RB, Tarchi P, Zanotta N, Comar M, Tiribelli C, Crocè LS. Serum Stem Cell Growth Factor Beta for the Prediction of Therapy Response in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Biomed Res Int 2018;2018:6435482.
Cason C, Campisciano G, Zanotta N, Valencic E, Delbue S, Bella R, Comar M. SV40 Infection of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells From Wharton's Jelly Drives the Production of Inflammatory and Tumoral Mediators. J Cell Physiol 2017;232(11):3060-3066.
Campisciano G, Zanotta N, Petix V, Corich L, De Seta F, Comar M. Vaginal microbiota dysmicrobism and role of biofilm-forming bacteria. Front Biosci (Elite Ed) 2018;10:528-536.

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