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Bulla R, De Seta F, Radillo O, Agostinis C, Durigutto P, Pellis V, De Santo D, Crovella S, Tedesco F. Mannose-binding lectin is produced by vaginal epithelial cells and its level in the vaginal fluid is influenced by progesterone. Mol Immunol 2010;48(1-3):281-6.
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Boer K, England K, Godfried MH, Thorne C. Mode of delivery in HIV-infected pregnant women and prevention of mother-to-child transmission: changing practices in Western Europe. HIV Med 2010;11(6):368-78.
Robbiano A, Frecer V, Miertus J, Zadro C, Ulivi S, Bevilacqua E, Mandrile G, De Marchi M, Miertus S, Amoroso A. Modeling the effect of 3 missense AGXT mutations on dimerization of the AGT enzyme in primary hyperoxaluria type 1. J Nephrol 2010;23(6):667-76.

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