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Agnoletto C, Brunelli L, Melloni E, Pastorelli R, Casciano F, Rimondi E, Rigolin GMatteo, Cuneo A, Secchiero P, Zauli G. The anti-leukemic activity of sodium dichloroacetate in p53mutated/null cells is mediated by a p53-independent ILF3/p21 pathway. Oncotarget 2015;6(4):2385-96.
Zauli G, Voltan R, Bosco R, Melloni E, Marmiroli S, Rigolin GMatteo, Cuneo A, Secchiero P. Dasatinib plus Nutlin-3 shows synergistic antileukemic activity in both p53 wild-type and p53 mutated B chronic lymphocytic leukemias by inhibiting the Akt pathway. Clin Cancer Res 2011;17(4):762-70.
Athanasakis E, Melloni E, Rigolin GMatteo, Agnoletto C, Voltan R, Vozzi D, Piscianz E, Segat L, dal Monego S, Cuneo A, Secchiero P, Zauli G. The p53 transcriptional pathway is preserved in ATMmutated and NOTCH1mutated chronic lymphocytic leukemias. Oncotarget 2014;5(24):12635-45.
Mazzoni E, Rigolin GMatteo, Alaribe FNneka, Pancaldi C, Maniero S, Comar M, Martini F, Tognon M. Simian virus 40 efficiently infects human T lymphocytes and extends their lifespan. Exp Hematol 2012;40(6):466-76.
Agnoletto C, Melloni E, Casciano F, Rigolin GMatteo, Rimondi E, Celeghini C, Brunelli L, Cuneo A, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Sodium dichloroacetate exhibits anti-leukemic activity in B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) and synergizes with the p53 activator Nutlin-3. Oncotarget 2014;5(12):4347-60.

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