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Ricci G, Andolfi L, Zabucchi G, Luppi S, Boscolo R, Martinelli M, Zweyer M, Trevisan E. Ultrastructural Morphology of Sperm from Human Globozoospermia. Biomed Res Int 2015;2015:798754.
Ura B, Scrimin F, Zanconati F, Arrigoni G, Monasta L, Romano A, Banco R, Zweyer M, Milani D, Ricci G. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of the leiomyoma interstitial fluid reveals altered protein expression with a possible involvement in pathogenesis. Oncol Rep 2015;33(5):2219-26.
Simeone R, Giacomello R, Bruno G, Parco S, Maximova N, Martinelli M, Zito G, Luppi S, Cervi G, Ricci G. Thrombogenesis in Thrombophilic Pregnancy: Evaluation of Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin Prophylaxis. Acta Haematol 2017;137(4):201-206.
Campisciano G, Florian F, D'Eustacchio A, Stanković D, Ricci G, De Seta F, Comar M. Subclinical alteration of the cervical-vaginal microbiome in women with idiopathic infertility. J Cell Physiol 2017;232(7):1681-1688.
Zauli G, Celeghini C, Monasta L, Martinelli M, Luppi S, Gonelli A, Grill V, Ricci G, Secchiero P. Soluble TRAIL is present at high concentrations in seminal plasma and promotes spermatozoa survival. Reproduction 2014;148(2):191-8.
Ricci G, Restaino S, Di Lorenzo G, Fanfani F, Scrimin F, Mangino FP. Risk of Essure microinsert abdominal migration: case report and review of literature. Ther Clin Risk Manag 2014;10:963-8.
Wiesenfeld U, Mangino FPaolo, Toffoletti FGiovanni, Ricci G. Relevance of random biopsy at the transformation zone when colposcopy is negative. Obstet Gynecol 2015;125(2):491.
Segat L, Padovan L, Doc D, Petix V, Morgutti M, Crovella S, Ricci G. A real-time polymerase chain reaction-based protocol for low/medium-throughput Y-chromosome microdeletions analysis. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers 2012;16(12):1349-55.
Ura B, Scrimin F, Arrigoni G, Franchin C, Monasta L, Ricci G. A Proteomic Approach for the Identification of Up-Regulated Proteins Involved in the Metabolic Process of the Leiomyoma. Int J Mol Sci 2016;17(4):540.
Fanfani F, Restaino S, Cicogna S, Petrillo M, Montico M, Perrone E, Radillo O, De Leo R, Ceccarello M, Scambia G, Ricci G. Preoperative Serum Human Epididymis Protein 4 Levels in Early Stage Endometrial Cancer: A Prospective Study. Int J Gynecol Cancer 2017;27(6):1200-1205.
Agostinis C, Rami D, Zacchi P, Bossi F, Stampalija T, Mangogna A, Amadio L, Vidergar R, Brumatti LVecchi, Ricci G, Celeghini C, Radillo O, Sargent I, Bulla R. Pre-eclampsia affects procalcitonin production in placental tissue. Am J Reprod Immunol 2018;79(4):e12823.
Pascolo L, Bedolla DE, Vaccari L, Venturin I, Cammisuli F, Gianoncelli A, Mitri E, Giolo E, Luppi S, Martinelli M, Zweyer M, Ricci G. Pitfalls and promises in FTIR spectromicroscopy analyses to monitor iron-mediated DNA damage in sperm. Reprod Toxicol 2016;61:39-46.

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