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Rizzardi C, Athanasakis E, Cammisuli F, Dal Monego S, DE Spelorzi YChiquinqui, Costantinides F, Giudici F, Pinamonti M, Canzonieri V, Melato M, Pascolo L. Puzzling Results from Germline Mutations Analysis in a Group of Asbestos-Exposed Patients in a High-risk Area of Northeast Italy. Anticancer Res 2017;37(6):3073-3083.
Borelli V, Trevisan E, Vita F, Bottin C, Melato M, Rizzardi C, Zabucchi G. Peroxidase-like activity of ferruginous bodies isolated by exploiting their magnetic property. J Toxicol Environ Health A 2012;75(11):603-23.
Cammisuli F, Giordani S, Gianoncelli A, Rizzardi C, Radillo L, Zweyer M, Da Ros T, Salomè M, Melato M, Pascolo L. Iron-related toxicity of single-walled carbon nanotubes and crocidolite fibres in human mesothelial cells investigated by Synchrotron XRF microscopy. Sci Rep 2018;8(1):706.
Pascotto E, Gianoncelli A, Calligaro C, Marcuzzo T, Melato M, Rizzardi C, Pascolo L. Ferruginous bodies resolved by synchrotron XRF in a dog with peritoneal malignant mesothelioma. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2018;25(35):35707-35714.
Pascolo L, Borelli V, Canzonieri V, Gianoncelli A, Birarda G, Bedolla DE, Salomè M, Vaccari L, Calligaro C, Cotte M, Hesse B, Luisi F, Zabucchi G, Melato M, Rizzardi C. Differential protein folding and chemical changes in lung tissues exposed to asbestos or particulates. Sci Rep 2015;5:12129.
Gianoncelli A, Kourousias G, Cammisuli F, Cassese D, Rizzardi C, Radillo O, Lazzarino M, Pascolo L. Combined use of AFM and soft X-ray microscopy to reveal fibres' internalization in mesothelial cells. Analyst 2017;142(11):1982-1992.

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