• Responsabile: prof. Tarcisio Not

Healthy and active aging is one of the greatest social challenges in EU facing longer life expectancy. Early preventionof chronic diseases that have severe impact on general well-being of patients is extremely important if we want toreach this goal and ensure sustainable health care systems in CE. Lack of development and promotion of innovativequality health services, disease management models and education have a profound negative effect. To tackle thischallenge, this project will demonstrate development and pilot testing of innovative health service model inmanagement of celiac disease (CD), by using CANVAS business model, aiming at improving knowledge, managementand organizational capacities. CD is a model of a lifelong disease caused by ingestion of cereals. It affects 1-3% ofpopulation (up to 5 million in CE) of all ages. It is estimated that 80% of people having CD are un/misdiagnosed.Diagnostic delay remains 6-10 years. Undiagnosed/untreated CD leads to a number of severe (potentiallypreventable) complications: infertility, osteoporosis, neurological disorders, malignancies, etc, which have profoundeffect on quality of life.  CE regions have different knowledge capacities and health care systems, which are insufficient and only partiallyaddress current problems. By transnational cooperation and analysis of differences in diagnostic approach, experts'knowledge and patient awareness and satisfaction and benchmarking of existing patient management models we willgain important data to develop e-learning tools for health care personnel and patients, to close the knowledge gapbetween stakeholders and to improve patient support. In each region an innovative pilot services will be tested, basedon which an universal model will be designed including organizational improvements and implementation of bestpractices. This will enable us to develop a patient centered health care service, and thus ensure healthy and activeaging of CD patients.

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