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TitoloImproved imputation of low-frequency and rare variants using the UK10K haplotype reference panel.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsHuang, J, Howie, B, McCarthy, S, Memari, Y, Walter, K, Min, JL, Danecek, P, Malerba, G, Trabetti, E, Zheng, H-F, Gambaro, G, J Richards, B, Durbin, R, Timpson, NJ, Marchini, J, Soranzo, N
Corporate AuthorsUK10K Consortium
PubMed ID26368830
PubMed Central IDPMC4579394
Grant List091551 / / Wellcome Trust / United Kingdom
100140 / / Wellcome Trust / United Kingdom
MC_UU_12013/3 / / Medical Research Council / United Kingdom
WT091310 / / Wellcome Trust / United Kingdom
WT098051 / / Wellcome Trust / United Kingdom
/ / Canadian Institutes of Health Research / Canada
/ / Department of Health / United Kingdom

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