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Kawanda L, Capobianco I, Starc M, Felipe D, Zanon D, Barbi E, Munkela N, Rodrigues V, Malundo L, Not T. Sedation with intranasal midazolam of Angolan children undergoing invasive procedures. Acta Paediatr 2012;101(7):e296-8.
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Guaschino S, Zuccati G. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases: old and new challenges - part I - Introduction. G Ital Dermatol Venereol 2012;147(4):327-8.
Amaddeo A, Ventura A, Marchetti F, Benettoni A, Londero M. Should cardiac involvement be included in the criteria for diagnosis of Churg Strauss syndrome?. J Pediatr 2012;160(4):707.
Mazzoni E, Rigolin GMatteo, Alaribe FNneka, Pancaldi C, Maniero S, Comar M, Martini F, Tognon M. Simian virus 40 efficiently infects human T lymphocytes and extends their lifespan. Exp Hematol 2012;40(6):466-76.
Tisato V, Monasta L, Biolo G, Donatelli F, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Simultaneous determination of multiple cytokines reveals a pro-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic signature after major cardiothoracic surgery: potential role of C-reactive protein. Cytokine 2012;60(3):593-5.
Tornese G, Tonini G, Ventura A. Slow growth: do not forget the thyroid. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2012;54(3):438; author reply 438.
di Iasio MGrazia, Norcio A, Melloni E, Zauli G. SOCS1 is significantly up-regulated in Nutlin-3-treated p53wild-type B chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) samples and shows an inverse correlation with miR-155. Invest New Drugs 2012;30(6):2403-6.
Agostinis C, Bulla R, Tisato V, De Seta F, Alberico S, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Soluble TRAIL is elevated in recurrent miscarriage and inhibits the in vitro adhesion and migration of HTR8 trophoblastic cells. Hum Reprod 2012;27(10):2941-7.
Zauli G, Celeghini C, Melloni E, Voltan R, Ongari M, Tiribelli M, di Iasio MGrazia, Lanza F, Secchiero P. The sorafenib plus nutlin-3 combination promotes synergistic cytotoxicity in acute myeloid leukemic cells irrespectively of FLT3 and p53 status. Haematologica 2012;97(11):1722-30.
Zanin V, Delbue S, Marcuzzi A, Tavazzi E, Del Savio R, Crovella S, Marchioni E, Ferrante P, Comar M. Specific protein profile in cerebrospinal fluid from HIV-1-positive cART-treated patients affected by neurological disorders. J Neurovirol 2012;18(5):416-22.
Bernardi S, Secchiero P, Zauli G. State of art and recent developments of anti-cancer strategies based on TRAIL. Recent Pat Anticancer Drug Discov 2012;7(2):207-17.

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