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Borelli V, Moura RR, Trevisan E, Crovella S. NLRP1 and NLRP3 polymorphisms in mesothelioma patients and asbestos exposed individuals a population-based autopsy study from North East Italy. Infect Agent Cancer 2015;10:26.
Kleiner G, Zanin V, Monasta L, Crovella S, Caruso L, Milani D, Marcuzzi A. Pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease exhibit increased serum levels of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines, but decreased circulating levels of macrophage inhibitory protein-1β, interleukin-2 and interleukin-17. Exp Ther Med 2015;9(6):2047-2052.
Tavares MCMansur, Júnior SF de Lima, Coelho AVC, Marques TRuschelle, de Araújo DHenrique T, Heráclio Sde A, Amorim MMRamos, de Souza PRoberto E, Crovella S. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha and interleukin (IL) 18 genes polymorphisms are correlated with susceptibility to HPV infection in patients with and without cervical intraepithelial lesion. Ann Hum Biol 2015;:1-8.
de Moura RR, Balbino Vde Queiroz, Crovella S, Brandão LAC. On the use of Chinese population as a proxy of Amerindian ancestors in genetic admixture studies with Latin American populations. Eur J Hum Genet 2015;
Cavalcanti CAddobbati, Silva JDe Azevêd, Pita Wde Barros, Veit TDegani, Monticielo OAndre, Xavier RMachado, Brenol JCarlos Tav, Brenol CViegas, Fragoso TSotero, Barbosa ADomingues, Duarte ÂLuiza Bran, Oliveira RDonizeti R, Louzada-Júnior P, Donadi EAntônio, Crovella S, Chies JArtur Bogo, Sandrin-Garcia P. Vitamin D receptor polymorphisms and expression profile in rheumatoid arthritis brazilian patients. Mol Biol Rep 2015;
da Silva RCelerino, Segat L, da Cruz HLacerda Al, Schindler HCharifker, Montenegro LMaria Lapa, Crovella S, Guimarães RLima. Association of CD209 and CD209L polymorphisms with tuberculosis infection in a Northeastern Brazilian population. Mol Biol Rep 2014;41(8):5449-57.
Casalicchio G, Freato N, Maestri I, Comar M, Crovella S, Segat L. Beta defensin-1 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance lesions in Italian gynecological patients. J Med Virol 2014;86(12):1999-2004.
Tricarico PMaura, Kleiner G, Valencic E, Campisciano G, Girardelli M, Crovella S, Knowles A, Marcuzzi A. Block of the mevalonate pathway triggers oxidative and inflammatory molecular mechanisms modulated by exogenous isoprenoid compounds. Int J Mol Sci 2014;15(4):6843-56.
da Silva RCelerino, Tavares Nde Alencar, Moura R, Coelho A, Guimarães RLima, Araújo J, Crovella S, Brandão LAndré Cav, Silva Jde Azevêd. DC-SIGN polymorphisms are associated to type 1 diabetes mellitus. Immunobiology 2014;219(11):859-65.
Segat L, Zupin L, Moura RRodrigues, Coelho AVictor Cam, Chagas BSimas, de Freitas ACarlos, Crovella S. DEFB1 polymorphisms are involved in susceptibility to human papillomavirus infection in Brazilian gynaecological patients. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 2014;109(7):918-22.
Moura R, Pontillo A, d'Adamo P, Pirastu N, Coelho ACampos, Crovella S. Exome analysis of HIV patients submitted to dendritic cells therapeutic vaccine reveals an association of CNOT1 gene with response to the treatment. J Int AIDS Soc 2014;17:18938.
De Pieri C, Vuch J, Athanasakis E, Severini GMaria, Crovella S, Bianco AMonica, Tommasini A. F402L variant in NLRP12 in subjects with undiagnosed periodic fevers and in healthy controls. Clin Exp Rheumatol 2014;32(6):993-4.

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