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Journal Article
Cattaneo A, Pani P, Carletti C, Guidetti M, Mutti V, Guidetti C, Knowles A. Advertisements of follow-on formula and their perception by pregnant women and mothers in Italy. Arch Dis Child 2015;100(4):323-8.
Tricarico PMaura, Girardelli M, Kleiner G, Knowles A, Valencic E, Crovella S, Marcuzzi A. Alendronate, a double-edged sword acting in the mevalonate pathway. Mol Med Rep 2015;12(3):4238-42.
Tricarico PMaura, Kleiner G, Valencic E, Campisciano G, Girardelli M, Crovella S, Knowles A, Marcuzzi A. Block of the mevalonate pathway triggers oxidative and inflammatory molecular mechanisms modulated by exogenous isoprenoid compounds. Int J Mol Sci 2014;15(4):6843-56.
Carletti C, Pani P, Knowles A, Monasta L, Montico M, Cattaneo A. Breastfeeding to 24 months of age in the northeast of Italy: a cohort study. Breastfeed Med 2011;6(4):177-82.
Monasta L, Knowles A. Comment on: 'Anthropometric parameters in relation to glycaemic status and lipid profile in a multi-ethnic sample in Italy' by Gualdi-Russo et al. Public Health Nutr 2015;:1.
Carletti C, Pani P, Monasta L, Knowles A, Cattaneo A. Introduction of Complementary Foods in a Cohort of Infants in Northeast Italy: Do Parents Comply with WHO Recommendations?. Nutrients 2017;9(1)
Monasta L, Knowles A. Letter to the editor: Outbreak of a new measles B3 variant in the Roma/Sinti population with transmission in the nosocomial setting, Italy, November 2015 to April 2016. Euro Surveill 2016;21(27)
Concina F, Pani P, Bravo G, Barbone F, Carletti CV, Knowles A, Ronfani L, Parpinel M. Nutrient intakes in an Italian population of infants during the complementary feeding period. Public Health Nutr 2018;21(16):3018-3026.
Marcuzzi A, Vozzi D, Girardelli M, Tricarico PMaura, Knowles A, Crovella S, Vuch J, Tommasini A, Piscianz E, Bianco AMonica. Putative modifier genes in mevalonate kinase deficiency. Mol Med Rep 2016;13(4):3181-9.
Bianco AMonica, Faletra F, Vozzi D, Girardelli M, Knowles A, Tommasini A, Zauli G, Marcuzzi A. Two‑gene mutation in a single patient: Biochemical and functional analysis for a correct interpretation of exome results. Mol Med Rep 2015;12(4):6128-32.

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