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Journal Article
Cattaneo A. Academy of breastfeeding medicine founder's lecture 2011: inequalities and inequities in breastfeeding: an international perspective. Breastfeed Med 2012;7(1):3-9.
Cattaneo A, Pani P, Carletti C, Guidetti M, Mutti V, Guidetti C, Knowles A. Advertisements of follow-on formula and their perception by pregnant women and mothers in Italy. Arch Dis Child 2015;100(4):323-8.
Carletti C, Pani P, Knowles A, Monasta L, Montico M, Cattaneo A. Breastfeeding to 24 months of age in the northeast of Italy: a cohort study. Breastfeed Med 2011;6(4):177-82.
Cattaneo A, Bettinelli MEnrica, Chapin E, Macaluso A, Santo LCórdova d, Murante AMaria, Montico M. Effectiveness of the Baby Friendly Community Initiative in Italy: a non-randomised controlled study. BMJ Open 2016;6(5):e010232.
Cattaneo A, Williams C, Pallás-Alonso CRosa, Hernández-Aguilar MTeresa, Lasarte-Velillas JJosé, Landa-Rivera L, Rouw E, Pina M, Volta A, Oudesluys-Murphy AMarie. ESPGHAN's 2008 recommendation for early introduction of complementary foods: how good is the evidence?. Matern Child Nutr 2011;7(4):335-43.
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Carletti C, Pani P, Monasta L, Knowles A, Cattaneo A. Introduction of Complementary Foods in a Cohort of Infants in Northeast Italy: Do Parents Comply with WHO Recommendations?. Nutrients 2017;9(1)
Cattaneo A, Gafurov I, Bomestar T, Bacci M, Kumar, iv S, Popovic D, Tamburlini G. Progress towards the achievement of MDG4 in the Commonwealth of Independent States: uncertain data, clear priorities. Health Res Policy Syst 2010;8(1):5.
Cattaneo A, Amani A, Charpak N, De Leon-Mendoza S, Moxon S, Nimbalkar S, Tamburlini G, Villegas J, Bergh A-M. Report on an international workshop on kangaroo mother care: lessons learned and a vision for the future. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2018;18(1):170.
Tamburlini G, Cattaneo A, Monasta L. Rotavirus vaccine efficacy in African and Asian countries. Lancet 2010;376(9756):1897; author reply 1898.
Swanson RC, Bongiovanni A, Bradley E, Murugan V, Sundewall J, Betigeri A, Nyonator F, Cattaneo A, Harless B, Ostrovsky A, Labonté R. Toward a consensus on guiding principles for health systems strengthening. PLoS Med 2010;7(12):e1000385.

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