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Biffi S, Voltan R, Rampazzo E, Prodi L, Zauli G, Secchiero P. Applications of nanoparticles in cancer medicine and beyond: optical and multimodal in vivo imaging, tissue targeting and drug delivery. Expert Opin Drug Deliv 2015;:1-13.
Biffi S, Andolfi L, Caltagirone C, Garrovo C, Falchi AM, Lippolis V, Lorenzon A, Macor P, Meli V, Monduzzi M, Obiols-Rabasa M, Petrizza L, Prodi L, Rosa A, Schmidt J, Talmon Y, Murgia S. Cubosomes for in vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging. Nanotechnology 2017;28(5):055102.
Dullin C, dal Monego S, Larsson E, Mohammadi S, Krenkel M, Garrovo C, Biffi S, Lorenzon A, Markus A, Napp J, Salditt T, Accardo A, Alves F, Tromba G. Functionalized synchrotron in-line phase-contrast computed tomography: a novel approach for simultaneous quantification of structural alterations and localization of barium-labelled alveolar macrophages within mouse lung samples. J Synchrotron Radiat 2015;22(Pt 1):143-55.
Di Lorenzo G, Ricci G, Severini GMaria, Romano F, Biffi S. Imaging and therapy of ovarian cancer: clinical application of nanoparticles and future perspectives. Theranostics 2018;8(16):4279-4294.
Agostinis C, Biffi S, Garrovo C, Durigutto P, Lorenzon A, Bek A, Bulla R, Grossi C, Borghi MO, Meroni P, Tedesco F. In vivo distribution of β2 glycoprotein I under various pathophysiologic conditions. Blood 2011;118(15):4231-8.
Kostevsek N, Locatelli E, Garrovo C, Arena F, Monaco I, Nikolov IPetrov, Sturm S, Rozman KZuzek, Lorusso V, Giustetto P, Bardini P, Biffi S, Franchini MComes. The one-step synthesis and surface functionalization of dumbbell-like gold-iron oxide nanoparticles: a chitosan-based nanotheranostic system. Chem Commun (Camb) 2016;52(2):378-81.
Biffi S, Bortot B, Carrozzi M, Severini GMaria. Quantification of heteroplasmic mitochondrial DNA mutations for DNA samples in the low picogram range by nested real-time ARMS-qPCR. Diagn Mol Pathol 2011;20(2):117-22.
Monaco I, Arena F, Biffi S, Locatelli E, Bortot B, La Cava F, Marini GMaria, Severini GMaria, Terreno E, Franchini MComes. Synthesis of Lipophilic Core-Shell FeO@SiO@Au Nanoparticles and Polymeric Entrapment into Nanomicelles: A Novel Nanosystem for in Vivo Active Targeting and Magnetic Resonance-Photoacoustic Dual Imaging. Bioconjug Chem 2017;28(5):1382-1390.
Capolla S, Garrovo C, Zorzet S, Lorenzon A, Rampazzo E, Spretz R, Pozzato G, Núñez L, Tripodo C, Macor P, Biffi S. Targeted tumor imaging of anti-CD20-polymeric nanoparticles developed for the diagnosis of B-cell malignancies. Int J Nanomedicine 2015;10:4099-109.

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