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Rimondi E, di Iasio MGrazia, Gonelli A, Celeghini C, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Hydrogen sulfide down-regulates the expression and release of osteoprotegerin (OPG) by vascular endothelial cells. Invest New Drugs 2012;30(4):1731-5.
Zauli G, Corallini F, Zorzet S, Grill V, Marzari R, Secchiero P. In vivo anti-lymphoma activity of an agonistic human recombinant anti-TRAIL-R2 minibody. Invest New Drugs 2012;30(1):405-7.
Comar M, Secchiero P, De Lorenzo E, Martelossi S, Tommasini A, Zauli G. JCV+ Patients with Inflammatory bowel disease show elevated plasma levels of MIG and SCF. Inflamm Bowel Dis 2012;18(6):1194-6.
Secchiero P, Melloni E, Voltan R, Norcio A, Celeghini C, Zauli G. MCL1 down-regulation plays a critical role in mediating the higher anti-leukaemic activity of the multi-kinase inhibitor Sorafenib with respect to Dasatinib. Br J Haematol 2012;157(4):510-4.
Comar M, Cuneo A, Maestri I, Melloni E, Pozzato G, Soffritti O, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Merkel-cell polyomavirus (MCPyV) is rarely associated to B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (1 out of 50) samples and occurs late in the natural history of the disease. J Clin Virol 2012;55(4):367-9.
Secchiero P, Corallini F, Zavan B, Tripodo C, Vindigni V, Zauli G. Mesenchymal stem cells display hepato-protective activity in lymphoma bearing xenografts. Invest New Drugs 2012;30(2):803-7.
Carinci F, Monasta L, Rubini C, Stramazzotti D, Palmieri A, Melloni E, Knowles A, Ronfani L, Zauli G, Secchiero P. The negative prognostic value of TRAIL overexpression in oral squamous cell carcinomas does not preclude the potential therapeutic use of recombinant TRAIL. Invest New Drugs 2012;30(2):810-8.
Gonelli A, Radillo O, Drioli S, Rimondi E, Secchiero P, Bonora GMaria. Pegylated TRAIL retains anti-leukemic cytotoxicity and exhibits improved signal transduction activity with respect to TRAIL. Invest New Drugs 2012;30(2):828-32.
Bernardi S, Norcio A, Toffoli B, Zauli G, Secchiero P. Potential role of TRAIL in the management of autoimmune diabetes mellitus. Curr Pharm Des 2012;18(35):5759-65.
Tisato V, Monasta L, Biolo G, Donatelli F, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Simultaneous determination of multiple cytokines reveals a pro-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic signature after major cardiothoracic surgery: potential role of C-reactive protein. Cytokine 2012;60(3):593-5.
Agostinis C, Bulla R, Tisato V, De Seta F, Alberico S, Secchiero P, Zauli G. Soluble TRAIL is elevated in recurrent miscarriage and inhibits the in vitro adhesion and migration of HTR8 trophoblastic cells. Hum Reprod 2012;27(10):2941-7.
Zauli G, Celeghini C, Melloni E, Voltan R, Ongari M, Tiribelli M, di Iasio MGrazia, Lanza F, Secchiero P. The sorafenib plus nutlin-3 combination promotes synergistic cytotoxicity in acute myeloid leukemic cells irrespectively of FLT3 and p53 status. Haematologica 2012;97(11):1722-30.

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