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Tricarico PMaura, Girardelli M, Kleiner G, Knowles A, Valencic E, Crovella S, Marcuzzi A. Alendronate, a double-edged sword acting in the mevalonate pathway. Mol Med Rep 2015;12(3):4238-42.
Tricarico PMaura, Epate A, Celsi F, Crovella S. Alendronate treatment induces IL-1B expression and apoptosis in glioblastoma cell line. Inflammopharmacology 2018;26(1):285-290.
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Lima G, Santos E, Angelo H, Oliveira M, Heráclio S, Leite F, de Melo C, Crovella S, Maia M, Souza P. Association between p21 Ser31Arg polymorphism and the development of cervical lesion in women infected with high risk HPV. Tumour Biol 2016;37(8):10935-41.
da Silva RCelerino, Segat L, da Cruz HLacerda Al, Schindler HCharifker, Montenegro LMaria Lapa, Crovella S, Guimarães RLima. Association of CD209 and CD209L polymorphisms with tuberculosis infection in a Northeastern Brazilian population. Mol Biol Rep 2014;41(8):5449-57.
Chagas BSimas, Comar M, Gurgel APavla Alme, Paiva S, Seraceni S, de Freitas ACarlos, Crovella S. Association Study between Cervical Lesions and Single or Multiple Vaccine-Target and Non-Vaccine Target Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Types in Women from Northeastern Brazil. PLoS One 2015;10(7):e0132570.

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